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Kim Rapach


Hi, I'm Kim Rapach

And I Provide Counseling for Stressed Adults and Couples in Chicagoland. I help adults and couples who are challenged with our society’s pace of life and complexity of relationships. Through compassionate and active listening, I provide a warm and relaxed space where you can explore your true desires and address what is challenging you. Together, we’ll explore how to evolve into a life that is both peaceful and exciting.

Helping Adults Overcome Their Stress
The challenges of life and relationships are many. Due to intense emotions such as frustration or overwhelm, you may have reached a point where you wonder if a situation or a relationship is even worth it. You may also be experiencing the physical symptoms of stress that are impacting your mood, sleep, health and relationships.

Perhaps you see yourself giving up on things and people that used to bring you joy. You might find yourself fantasizing about a different life all together.

Most People Don’t Fully Understand Stress
Let’s face it. Our current culture expects too much from us. And while many people in our busy culture can relate to one another about stress, few know what to do about it. You’ve probably shared a lot of conversations about business with the same people over and over, yet the only thing that changes is the increase in life’s demands. Today’s modern and ever changing technology, the increase in expectations at both work and at home, can cause high levels of stress, ultimately impacting the overall quality of life.

Because the acceptable level of stress in our culture isn’t widely criticized, rather glorified, it is likely impacting your most treasured relationships. As you may have experienced, relationships often take a back seat to the many demands of everyday life. You may keep trying to catch up and find that no matter how hard you tackle the list of demands, you end up feeling exhausted while things keep pulling at more of your time.

As your therapist, I will see you, I will hear you and I will help you sort through the chaos of what our society calls life. You may not know this yet, but you are already doing enough. I will help you evaluate this concept, and prioritize the areas of your life that matter most to you.

A Little About My Professional Background
I received a bachelor of science in Law Enforcement Administration at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. From there I went on to earn my Masters in Social Work from Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois. I hold a professional clinical social work license in the state of Illinois and I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Counseling May Help You Feel Empowered in Your Life and Your Relationships
Meeting with a therapist can really help a busy or stressed adult feel accepted for who you are and the many demands that have been placed on you. The therapy process can also help you in moving your life into a slower, yet exciting direction. If you’re interested in reaching out, I offer a free 15 minute consultation in which you may ask me questions about my services and we can explore if we’d be a good fit. Reach out at 224-239-5359, I’m here for you.

Please feel free to contact me!


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