The Intentional Marriage

No matter the season of your marriage, there are always ways to grow stronger, healthier, and happier, together. Learn the six most important areas of marriage and tools on how to improve each one.  

Let's Get Happy

Learn about true happiness. This conversation will present for you how to stack your own values against those of the American culture, so that you can achieve the life and happiness that you long for.  

Meet the Enneagram

Ever wonder what makes you tic? Discover what makes you, uniquely you, and why you do the things you do. The Nine Unique Types of the Enneagram will be briefly presented, as well as resources for you to continue your journey of self-discovery so you can attain the best version of you.

An Introduction to Mindfulness

What is this buzz word anyway? Learn not only the definition of mindfulness, but its benefits and how to implement mindfulness techniques in your own life.

Self-Care vs. Selfishness

Understand self-care as a necessary way of life. Learn and understand the true benefits of self-care, and how you can begin your self-care journey today.

Boundaries: What? Why? When? How?

Learn about boundaries in a practical, easy to understand way. You will learn what boundaries are, why and when to implement them, and what to do when they are not well received.

Roaring Rapids: Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Do you or someone you love live with depression or anxiety? Not sure what to do or how to help? This brief discussion will provide a simple understanding, and offer tools in understanding depression and anxiety.

Diagnosis. Now What?

Whether you or someone you love, a serious diagnosis can change your entire world. The challenges of having a chronic illness are many. Learn how to not only cope, but thrive in your new normal. There is HOPE.

Financial Peace  

Learn the basic principles of financial freedom (create a budget, pay off debt, live within your means and save). This presentation is based on the principles of the book, The Total Money Makeover, by Dave Ramsey.

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