Re-Opening During COVID-19

Thank you for your ongoing trust and confidence during these challenging times. A core value of Bending Birch Counseling is to provide a safe space for you to receive care and process what you are experiencing in your life. COVID-19 brings many new challenges, and we remain committed to providing not only a safe emotional space, but a safe physical space as well. We have been following the Stay Home order and will continue to follow recommendations of the CDC and our Illinois government. 

We realize and respect that our clients are experiencing different reactions and opinions to this pandemic. We respect each and every one of our clients, their different beliefs, reactions and opinions. At the same time, we are committed to respecting the concerns and safety of all of our clients. To have only one client who feels unsafe, is one too many. Therefore, if you believe our efforts are excessive, please respect that we are attempting to make all of our clients feel safe when to come to us for care.

The safety of all clients, our staff and our own families, is our biggest priority. In order to allow time for clinicians to disinfect the offices in between each session and to avoid overcrowding of the waiting room and hall way, the following precautions and procedures have been implemented.

  • A 15-minute break will be scheduled in between all appointments.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the waiting room and in each individual office.
  • Face masks will be available upon request. (Face masks are optional).
  • There are six feet in between the clinician and client in each office.
  • All new intakes and intake paperwork will be completed online.  
  • A COVID-19 screening has been implemented.

COVID-19 SCREENING: We will post the following screening assessment in the entryway of the suite. Please consider these before every session. If you answer “YES” to any of the following, please cancel your appointment at Bending Birch Counseling and contact your primary care physician



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