Why I Love Therapy

Common Reactions

There are two common reactions that I receive when people discover that I’m a therapist. The most common is the deer in the head light stance. I can see the questions swirling in their mind.  “What did I say? Have I said too much? Does she think I’m crazy?” 

The second most common reaction I get is, “Isn’t it depressing listening to people’s problems all day?” For me, that could not be farther from the truth.

As a result, I do not perceive therapy as a place where people go to work on, or solve their problems. Therapy is a place where people go to be heard and seen for who they are, and to share their stories. Our stories are powerful.

Mental Health And Story

While depression, anxiety and relationship struggles are real, they are not “problems”. They are part of the story, a part of the story that is in need of healing.

Story. Healing. It is all connected. I feel energized by being fully connected to my own story. Therefore, I love walking along others as they enter into that space where they begin to examine the depths of their own story. This is where they find value, love, healing and peace.

We All Need A Safe Space

For some, my office is the only safe place in the world for them examine their story. So you see, I do not solve problems, or simply give advice. I provide a safe place, where people can be fully authentic without judgement or condemnation, and ultimately, begin to heal.

Finally, I long for the day when people don’t stop talking as soon as they discover that I’m a therapist. I long for the day when people hear about the power of story and simply ask, “Where do I start?”

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