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  • Re-Opening During COVID-19
    Thank you for your ongoing trust and confidence during these challenging times. A core value of Bending Birch Counseling is to provide a safe space for you to receive care Read more
  • Staying Home to Me
    In this season, the words “STAY HOME” mean so much more than just staying inside my house at my physical address. As I stay home, I ask myself, “Where am Read more
  • COVID - A Parade of Tears
    It was the third week of quarantine when I finally lost it. After 18 days of being at home, inside, with the same people, looking out the same window, day Read more
  • Heavy Leaves, A Therapist's Perspective on Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Therapist and owner of Bending Birch Counseling, in Barrington, Illinois, shares her own perspective of how she copes with Seasonal Affective Disorder Read more
  • Why I Love Therapy
    Common Reactions There are two common reactions that I receive when people discover that I’m a therapist. The most common is the deer in the head light stance. I can see Read more
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It
    Everything!February 14th is traditionally a day of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears-a day to show your love to significant people in your life. I love to receive all those tokens Read more
  • Stop & Swing
    Along my walking path, there is an abandoned school. While the school is run down and boarded up, it is surrounded by wooded acreage. The land is beautiful, like a Read more

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